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August 28, 2010

Did things a little different today, i put together a fun run with a few of the different kennels around here in my part of the country. The Kennels included Cove Road Kennels owned by Leo Gaudin, Kymulga Hilltop Beagles owned by Meagal Bates & Darrel Dark, North Alabama Rabbit Runners owned by Ed Young and A&A Beagle Kennnels. The hounds in the run were Butch out of Cove Road, BoBo & Jake out of Kymulga Hilltop, Big out of North Alabama Rabbit Runners and Rocky out of A&A Beagke Kennels. These guys have some good hounds they work hard, have good check work and line control all around good hounds. The first run right out of the gate lasted about 2 1/2 hours close to 3 the run had solid hound work by all 5 hounds, all of the hounds got a piece of the action. I would like to Thank all the kennels that participated in the event and encourage al these kennels to keep up the good work. "Most Importantly Keep Up The Good Work To I mprove The Beagle Gun Dog Breed". Today was with out a question "Advantage Dog"

August, 14 2010

Run Snoopy, Buckshot, Ace, Rocky tonight it was very good running tonight with some excellent dog work by these hounds. Buckshot jumped the first rabbit of the night this run was very good with excellent check work by all four hounds this run had alot drive with great line control. Buckshot did very good he made about 40% of the checks on this run, Ace did excellent he made his far share of the checks he ran with noticeable line control, drive and brains for his age of 11 months he is getting better everytime out, Rocky ran with alot of power, drive, line control and excellent check work, Snoopy did his job aslo just like Rocky this first run lasted about 1hr 15mins the stars of this race to me were Buckshot & Ace. Rocky jumped the second rabbit of the night this run was what i was looking for all four hounds did excellent job. The run had everything you could in a rabbit race by all four hounds it had the liine control, drive, brains, check work  and run to catch attitude that i like. This run last about 1hr 45mins there were no single stars of this race all the hounds were stars to me. Tonight was "Advantage Dog" 

July, 17 2010

Run hounds with Leo Gaudin this morning we run his hound Sugar and my two hounds Ace and Bucksot. It was good runing this morning nonoe of these hounds are up to par on there running they all have alot moore to learn but they diid a great job this morning. Jump one rabbit this morning the run lasted about 1 hr 15 mins it was a good consistant run with these young hounds with good check work, line control and drive it was that fast hard hitting run that we are use to having but these three hounds did an awsome job runing this rabbit. Sudar did a good this morning she has not been run much but really showed up today with some good check work, Buckshot did good with good check work, Ace did good aslo with good check work and hanging in there and hunting hard is doing really well to be 10 months old. Got 10 mins of the run on video check it out and tell me what you think. Today was " Advantage Dog "

July 12, 2010

Soloed Ace this afternoon he jumped one right out of the gate the run only lasted about 5 mins before the rabbit went straight to a hole,but during the run Ace really ran this rabbit good. The only bad thing about today it was 90 pluse degrees and dry but for the condition he did very well for a 10 month old. By the end of this hunting season Ace is going to be a " Hammer " he is coming along very good fo rhis age and getting better everytime out got about 2 1/2 mins of the run on video check it out on the videos page. Keep an eye out for this young male in future running log updates. Today was another day " Advantage Rabbit "

July 3, 2010

Run Rocky, Snoopy, Buckshot and Ace it was good running tonight Ace jumped the first rabbit they had trouble getting him lined out at first cause he stayed around the swamp but they hung in there and got him line out and when they did they " Smoke " this rabbit for about 10mins before the first check during that 10 mins it was fast hard hitting run with great drive, line control and power. The first check came it lasted about 10 seconds before Ace picked it and they ran for about 10 to 15 more mins before the next check and Buckshot picked that one that run lasted in all about 1hr. Snoopy and Rocky really ran with alot of power.  Snoopy is 3 yrs old he  real explodes out of the check, he is coming on very strong as he gets older he claiming his checks and his mouth lets you know he claimed it. Rocky is 2yrs 4 mth old and going to be great hound he shows excellent check work staying and digging out the hard checks he has good line control, and drive. Ace is 9 mths old and  proving to be a good one he has good check work,   "Extreme Hunt "  can jump his own rabbit and run it, claims his check when he gets it and comes out of the check with good power. Buckshot is 1yr 9mths old and showing to be a good one also he has good hunt, good speed, claims his checks when gets them can jump his own rabbit and run it. All these hounds did great tonight. Tonight was a night " Advantage Dog "

July 2, 2010

Run Snoopy, Ace, Buckshot, Rocky tonight it was good running tonight Buckshot jumped the first rabbit it was a good run with good check work ,drive and power. Ace made some good checks he got his fair share of the action tonight with him being the youngest hound on the ground he did very well. That run lasted about 45 mins to 1hr. Ace jumped the second rabbit that was another good run with power, drive, line control and great check work. Ace also got his fair share of the action on this run he made some great checks he ran with good power, line control and drive. This run also lasted about 45 mins to 1 hr. Ace hung right in there with through the swamps and all with no problem. All the hounds did great job tonight they all gave 100% like always. Tonight was a night " Advantage Dog " 

June 26, 2010

Run Ace & Buckshot this afternoon on the river they jumped a swamp rabbit right out of the gate, it was still tuff running with it being close to 90 degrees but the hounds ajusted to the conditions Buckshot geared down and used his brain to run this rabbit according to the conditions. The run had good line control with both hounds. Ace is getting better everytime out he is learning alot each time out. This rabbit took them through the swamp a couple of times but these two hounds hung right in there and work the rabbit out of the swamp and kept him moving. Both hounds showed me alot this afternoon. Ace has alot of hunt, grit, and determination for a young hound. This run lasted over 1 hr 30 mins this was a good run for these young hounds. Today was "Advantage Dog " 

June 22, 2010

Run Buckshot & Ace today it was ok running in 95 degree wheather Ace jump two and ran them good he had good check work, drive and line control. Both runs lasted about 30mins with Ace leading the way. Ace made some good checks, work the check good and came out of the check fast. Ace hitts the brairs hard to only be 9months old he also has alot of hustle and hunt for his age and he claims his checks fast and honestly. Buckshot is aslo doing great for his age he also running with alot of power, drive and line control. So keep an eye out for these two hounds in future running log updates. Today was " Advantage Dog "

June 19, 2010

Run with Jeremy Atkinson of Brush Bandit Beagles in Heflin,Al got a chance to see some hounds run from Daddy Rabbit Kennel and Big Creek Beagles ,the hounds from those two kennels look and run good. Jeremy ran Emmy from Big Creek Beagles and Jill from Daddy Rabbit Beagles both of these hounds are still young and have alot to learn, those hounds have good line control and check work, i ran Snoopy & Rocky the running was tuff for the pack it was close to 80 degrees by 8 am but the hounds showed grit and hunt. Those hounds form Daddy Rabbit & Big Creek Beagles are good hounds didn't see anything wrong with them. Snoopy & Rocky ran with good power this morning those Daddy Rabbit & Big Creek hounds hung in there. The runs onlyu lasted about 20 mins but all the hounds did very well for the condidtions but today was another day "Advantage Rabbit "

June 15, 2010

Run Buckshot & Ace this afternoon. Ace is the newest member of  A&A Beagle Kennels he is a 9 month old Northway male i purchased from Peyton Beagles in West Liberty,KY. The run with Ace & Buckshot lasted about 35 to 45 mins it was a good run Buckshot ran with alot of power Ace did good also. Ace hung right in there with Buckshot. Buckshot is coming on really strong his line control, check work, speed and drive are very very strong. Ace is going to a "Hammer" he is showing excellent qualities to be excellent rabbit hound. Keep a look out for this young hound in future running log postings.

June 6, 2010

Run hounds with Leo Gaudin and Mike Cook we had some good runs this morning. First couple of runs were more small rabbits that were born this year, those runs didn't go well at all the run was real spotty. Buckshot jumped one good swamp rabbit and all the  hounds ran  that rabbit good, it was good check work, line control and drive by all hounds this morning that run lasted about 45 mins. No hound really stood out to us this morning because all the hounds did a good job. But i have seen better running out my hounds and Leo's so to me it was still another day "Advantage Rabbit".

May 29,2010

Run hounds with Leo Guadin this morning. We run Lulu, Angel, Blue, Rocky and Buckshot. We got some rain lastnight but the scent condition were ok the rain made it really hot and humid, runs are still spoty and hit and miss with alot of small rabbits being run. No run lasted over 30 to 35 mins. Got some video, the hounds had trouble with this rabbit it was small rabbit, all the ones the hounds run, that we seen were small rabbits and they struggled with them. Thought the rain would have help more than what it did but the scent was still ok but just run all small rabbits this morning.  No hound really stood out to us. To us it was another day "Avantage Rabbit".

May 28,2010

Run Snoopy, Rocky and Buckshot it was tuff running this morning in 80 degree dry condition, scent conditions were bad this morning. Buckshot jumped the first swamp rabbit the run lasted about 20 mins but i could tell by the run that scent conditions were bad but the hounds did ok job for the conditions  all the runs were really spotty, none of the hounds ran good at all they all had trouble, checks were hard to get for all the hounds they really had to dig to pick a check this morning. One thing i will say is that the hounds gave 100% like always. Maybe we will get some ran down here to make for better scent condition and better running. "Today was Advantage Rabbit".

May 19,2010

Run Rocky & Snoopy tonight had a couple of runs that were ok. Conditions are still a problem here its dry and hot. They both did better as it cooled down later on tonight finally got on a good cottontail that would run. Both hounds did a good jod running but they  could have done alot better, i have seen these two hounds really "Smoke" a rabbit but tonight was far from that in my opion, but the run tonight was ok it had good check work, line control and drive from both hounds,there was really no hound that stood out to me tonight, but i will say one thing these hounds are improveing, they are starting to adapt and run according to the conditions... for young hounds that are not over 2 1/2 yrs old to know how to adapt to the conditions....thats using your brain these two hounds did show me that much tonight, not to take anything away from these two they did good they gave 100% like aways. But i exspect a "Superstar Preformance" everytime out! I will keep pushing my hounds until i get that." That Is What Will Make My Hounds Stand Out From The Rest". But all in all the running was ok. It was still to me "Advantage Rabbit".

May 15,2010

Run Snoopy & Buckshot tonight it was ok running tonight. Buckshot jumped the first cottontail tonight, Buckshot ran that cottontail good with power, drive and line control, Snoopy did a good job of backing him up in the check. Buckshot is getting better every time out he is leaving out of the check with some power, starting to use his brain more and more. His power, line control and drive are really starting to show i think he is going be a very good little hound when finished out to my exspectation. That run lasted one full circle back to the point of jump which was about 20mins.The next cottontail was jumped by Snoopy it was another good run with Snoopy leading the charge. Snoopy also had good line control, power and drive on this run considering it was 75 to 80 degrees. Snoopy is comeing on really good with pouring out the mouth during the run he is sounding good, he is leaving out of the check with alot power. That was the best run this two hounds have together in the past 3 times out but even before tonight they have still gave 100% everytime out just haven't been good running, but theses hounds are young and they starting to figure out that they have to adapt to the running conditions. 

May 11,2010

Run Snoopy & Buckshot today wasn't good running at all today. running codition were tuff it was hot and dry,no run lasted over 5 mins hounds hunted hard but just bad conditions. Both hounds had trouble running the track,it was hit and miss all morning, but both hounds gave 100% like always. Today was another day "Advantage Rabbit". 

May 8,2010

Run Snoopy & Rocky it was hard running tonight scent condition were bad, the hounds had a hard time running rabbits tonight jump three each run lasted about 20 mins, all the run were very spotty with alot of dead spots. The hounds worked hard to find the rabbits they jumped, the hounds did what they always do "Hunted Hard' . Tonight was "Advantage Rabbit".

May 1,2010

Ran dogs tonight with Leo Gaudin owener of Cove Road Kennels. We put 4 hounds on the ground tonight Leo put down Skinny Minnie(Skin) and Blue. I put down Snoopy and Buckshot. We drop the tailgate's about 7:00 to about 10:30 Skin hit right out of the gate. The race lasted about 45mins good hard running by Skin and Blue good check work by all rounds they all got a peace of the action. It was a run with good line control and speed the first check came about 15 to 20mins into the race all the hounds worked it but Blue was the one who picked it that race lasted about another 20 to 25 mins. The hounds started to get very hot was close to 80 degrees so we gave them a break and took them down to the river for a dip. Snoopy hit another one that race went about the same as the first one but with Snoopy and Skin running hard.That race ended after about 45mins. We gave them another break to cool down. Third race Skin hit another one that race lasted for about 1hr 20mins it had started to cool down by then Snoopy,Shin and Buckshot really ran this one with great speed,line control and check work by these 3 hounds Blue pulled out of the race he started to over heat. All hounds did good but the true stars that showed real get down true "Grit" were Snoopy,Skin and Buckshot with that no quit attitude through 80 degree wheather. We both agree Blue was at the bottom tonight. Leo has a saying about Blue that he is like Randy Moss when he's on he's on but when he's off he's off you never know which one is in the game that day. That fits Blue like a glove.But all In all the running was great considering the conditions and the heat.

April 28,2010

Good running tonight ran Snoopy & Rocky. It was hard running at first dogs hunted hard. Snoopy finally jumped one cottontail.Run lasted about 1hr 15mins it was a  hard hitting run with just these two hounds tonight.Snoopy really shine he made 60% of the checks,he has started giving more mouth during the run,he really drove the rabbit tonight with very good line control and speed. Rocky did good also with some good check work and line control he just got out worked & out hustle tonight.

April 17,2010

Me and good friend Ieo Gaudin ran a pack of 6 young hounds this day Rocky,LuLu,Snoopy,Angel,Buckshot and Sugar none are over 2yrs 9mo.We put dogs on the ground about 7:30 that night and picked them up about 12:15. These young hounds have come to be a great pack of young hounds. The first race lasted about 1hr and 30mins the stars of that race prove be Leo hounds  LuLu and Angel littermates out of the Fuzz Kennel and my dog Rocky out of Loko Go kennel they were jumping, running the line and digging out the hard checks that the other hounds had trouble with. The second race lasted about 1hr 30mins also the stars again were Rocky and the two littermates this rabbit real put it on them he took them through swamps,up close to the highway,up close to house's and back through the swamps again but he couldn't shake them off and they stayed with him through every swamp trip working the checks claiming the checks if they got it and helping keep the rabbit moveing scenting conditions here weren't the best it was ok i have seen better scent condition. All the hounds did there part in the running that night but the stars that real shine to use that night were Rocky,LuLu and Angel the other hounds just got out work that night but they did there part. We will continue to work this pack of hounds through out the summer. I will keep the Running Log updated on these through out the summer on these hounds progress.

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