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                              How I Got Started

I got started with rabbit hounds when i was about 10 years old. My uncle gave me my first rabbit hound she was a tri-color 13 inch hound name Queen she was a rabbit hunting and jumping machine she could do it all with no help now don't get me wrong she had her faults but she was a true rabbit hound i hunted that hound for about 6 years and killed alot of rabbits in front of her she passed away of old age.After she passed i got a few more some were good some were not. In 2004 i met J.D Sanders he had some great rabbit hounds back then. He was one of those old school  hunters that believe that papers didn't run a rabbit but J.D knew a good rabbit hound when he seen one. So i hunted with J.D for some time.So after hunting with him for sometime and liking what i seen in his hounds i finally got a black- tan & white female by the name LoLu from good friend and hunting patner J.D Sanders she is a grade dog and another female named Julie i got from a man by the name of Charles Glaze she is also a grade dog. LoLu in her hay day was good she had good hunt, good mouth, good line control, foot speed was ok, Julie on the other hand was a true rabbit hound with everthing you could want in a hound she was the total package but she also had her faults i hunted those hounds for some years and they are still with me today. Then i met Leo Gaudin owner and operator of Cove Road Kennels in Springville, Al and he got me into AKC hounds and he showed me the ins and outs of haveing AKC rabbit hounds he showed me what to look for in a hound he told me about different bloodlines how to look at the bloodlines of a hound to see if it was what i wanted in my future hounds he told me how to judge a hound to see if it was living up to what i wanted in my hounds. To this day me and Leo still talk rabbit dog, run dogs on a regular hunt together every season and i am still learning from him today he sold me my first two AKC hounds Rocky & Snoopy and they are everything that i want in a hound. Thank's Leo. The main thing i want to do is to better the hunting beagle breed and have top notch rabbit hounds that i can hunt to put meat on the table and First and Foremost Listen to RUN THE HAIR OFF A RABBIT. So thats how i got started and thats where i am today. Thank's Leo Gaudin and J.D Sanders and Thank You everyone for viewing my site!

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